Fat People Art Week February 6-12, 2011

What started as a rather offhanded “Oh, I should draw nothing but fat ladies for a week,” turned into “Can I join Fat Lady Art Week? When is it? What are the rules?” So I gather that people are pretty excited about this. Good!

Because it generated so much interest, I decided to make this Tumblr dedicated solely to fat people art, aptly named Fat People Art. Submissions are open, so when FPAW starts, you can submit them all here and share your beautiful art with everybody else participating. And it’ll continue to be a showcase for fat people art long after FPAW is done.

But as for the event itself, it’s fairly open-ended. For one week, create and share as many fat people arts as you can. The goal is one per day, but not everyone works that fast, so just do as many as you can. You don’t have to be a great artist, either! Just draw, paint, sculpt, snap (or whatever method you use to make art) some fat people, and post it. Even if you don’t want to post it to the FPA blog, post it in your own.

Why have FPAW? Why make a point to make art depicting fat people? Because there isn’t enough of it! It’s an important self-esteem boost to see people like yourself depicted in the media you consume, and much of today’s art world is either depictions of skinny folks, or fat folks as a sideshow or a gimmick. FPAW is to help normalize fat, to show that fat art is good art, and fat people are beautiful people. If anything, it’s to show something different than what we usually see when we view art.