What’s This All About?

It started with me nonchalantly expressing a desire to draw nothing but beautiful fat ladies for a week. Which led to a bunch of people saying “Can I participate in Fat Lady Art Week too?” Which turned into lots of people getting stoked about Fat Lady Art Week, which had somehow become an official Thing. Which turned into people wondering why fat men were excluded. Which turned into Fat People Art Week. Which turned into me making a Tumblr dedicated to encouraging people to make art of fat people.

So what are we doing here? Why make art of fat people? Because the art world, especially today, is flooded with images of thin people. Heck, mass media in general doesn’t have a lot of people over size 10. But it doesn’t mean fat people don’t exist, or that they’re not gorgeous people worthy of being immortalized in art. So we’re just a bunch of fat art enthusiasts, creating and promoting fat art.

We want to help people learn how to draw fat people. When I started drawing a comic whose main character is fat, I had a hard time getting her proportions right. Every art anatomy book I had featured thin (and extremely fit) people. No lumps anywhere. The few resources I found that included fat people only included one type of fat person, when there’s really so much body diversity out there! Various fat-positive picture blogs helped me out, and we hope to add to that by showing how other artists portray fat bodies.

What kinds of submissions do you take? Any art form, regardless of skill, that showcases someone who isn’t thin. “Fat” is subjective, I know, and the mods are going to use their best judgment. “Art” is also subjective. Drawings, sculptures, photography, it’s all good. We don’t take pictures that are gpoy-esque “I am fat and took a photo of myself!” pictures. Not because we don’t like those, but because Tumblr has a bunch of other sites dedicated to that sort of thing. This is about making art, taking time to think about composition and technique. Also: any good references for drawing fat bodies can (and should!) be submitted so artists can improve. The submissions page has more on this.