Resources and Links

This is a list of really good links to related sites. It’ll be updated whenever I find a new one. Feel free to recommend something!

Artistic Resources:

Athletic Body Diversity Reference For Artists

My Body Gallery

Fat and Happy deviantArt (has lots of nice tutorials)

Fat Positive / Fatshion Tumblrs: (many are NSFW)

Fuck Yeah Fat Positive

Chubby Bunnies (cute fat girls)

Saucy Art (not explicitly a fat art Tumblr, but it has a LOT of curvy sexy ladies)

Rebranding Body Image (questioning how the media portrays and affects body image)

Chubby Fashion (it’s good to know how clothing looks on larger frames)

Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion (because there’s too much awesome fatshion for just one blog!)

Fatspiration (not just the opposite of thinspiration)

Fat Girl’s Guide

Media Starring Fat Folks:

Meaty Yogurt (shameless self promotion, I know. But that doesn’t mean Jackie is any less fat, fantastic, and the main character!)

Alex’s Guide (an autobio webcomic by fat and proud Alex Heberling)

Eve’s Apple (comic about a fat trans lesbian)

Tock the Gnome (pretty steampunk webcomic)

Other Good Links

Tenzugame (Tumblr with lots of curvy anthro art)

Bear Hat Studio (tons of gorgeous fat art!)

The Adipositivity Project (nude fat photography by Substantia Jones)